Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Dota Allstars v6.67b Rev2 AI

11/06/2010, 11:24
http://trdota.com/button/mf.jpg (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dtxyxzibmwu)
6.67b (v06/11/2010)
Bugs fixed:
- Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness causes target suicide and then becomes invulnerable.
- Sacred Warrior's Inner Vitality heals instantly .
- Double Click Scroll of Town Portal doesn't go back to fountain.
- Puck's Aghanism doesn't work.
- Goblin Techies doesn't gain XP when kill emey heroes by Land Mines or Remote Mines.
- Other slightly errors.