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    Leeroy Jenkins mana bedeli 1 arttırıldı. (4 -> 5)
    Starving Buzzard mana bedeli 3 arttırıldı. (2 -> 5)
    Starving Buzzard Saldırısı ve Sağlığı 1 arttırıldı. (2/1 -> 3/2)

    Birçok bug düzeltimi yapıldı.
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    1. FafraGa - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
      FafraGa -
      Hunter öldü mü beyler?
    1. tarhuman - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
      tarhuman -
      10. rankta hala hunter görüyorum ama daha aşağıları bilemem. Bu arada nerf yiyen kartlar bir süreliğine tam dust veriyor. Yani normal Leeroy bir süreliğine 1600 dust verecek(golden ise 3200). Buzzard için geçerli değil tabi. O basic kart olduğu için dust'lanmıyor.
    1. frkn55 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
      frkn55 -

      5:58:33 te başlıyor.

      It's time for the segment of "Trump Discusses The Next Patch Changes".

      Hello everyone: welcome to the special segment of "Trump Looks at the Patch Changes." So this was extremely recently announced, and the change won't even come into effect until September 22nd, but boy is this a whopper of a change.

      So, there are only two changes, but boy are those huge changes. So Leeroy Jenkins now costs 5—up from 4—and Starving Buzzard now costs 5—up from 2. And the little bit of compensation for the Starving Buzzard we're going to give it an attack and a health for the extra 3 mana it costs.

      Okay, so obviously these two are both extremely popular cards. You use Starving Buzzard in all the hunter decks: you comboed it with the Unleash the Hounds and you drew a bunch of cards and that was one of the reasons why Hunter was good.

      Now that Starving Buzzard costs 5, it is probably the worst card? It's one of the worst cards in the game now. So basically that card is straight out. So what does this mean for the Hunter? Even the face decks from Hunters use Starving Buzzard to get a bit of a card draw with the Unleash.

      When—way back when—Unleash the Hounds was nerfed from 2 mana to 3 mana, I was someone who said, "okay, that's a pretty big nerf, but I think Hunter will still be viable. Just give it time." And it took a long time, but Hunter started getting back into it. And this was before Naxxramas even. Like, Hunter really did take off because of Naxxramas, though.

      This time around, I'm going to say, "I think Hunter is dead" because a lot of what makes decks good is having some element of card draw to it, and it was the Starving Buzzard/Unleash combo which kept a lot of Hunters in it in the late game. You basically remove Starving Buzzard from the game, so I'm not entirely sure what to say other than I think Hunter is gone. Poof!

      On Leeroy Jenkins costing 5, I believe this also kills the Leeroy Jenkins because the main reason you use Leeroy Jenkins was in two main decks. You use it in Miracle Rogue: you play the Leeroy, you Shadowstep it, you Shadowstep it, you play the Leeroy, you play the Leeroy, you do 18 damage. Now you can't actually do 18 damage with Leeroy Jenkins: you can only deal 12 unless you also have the coin and it'll cost you 8 mana to deal 12 damage which is not actually that good. So I believe that removes Leeroy as the finisher.

      However, Miracle Rogue might not be dead because it might go into the Malygos form instead, of which I actually—way back when—crafted a gold Malygos because I thought it might be better than Miracle with-the-Leeroy version. So, the good news is I don't think Miracle is dead: it'll just use Malygos instead of Leeroy, which will make it weaker.

      Handlock I had considered removing Leeroy Jenkins from, and of course Handlock will no longer use it because part of the reason you used Leeroy Jenkins was to do 20 damage with Leeroy, Power Overwhelming, and Faceless Manipulator—copy your 10/6 Leeroy Jenkins with the Faceless, do 20 to the face—and that was removed.

      The Leeroy Jenkins nerf I can understand: it is, in fact, a bit much. I suppose I'm a little surprised that it took this long if they were going to change it, but enough data I guess. Handlock will still be okay: they'll just not use Leeroy Jenkins and they may or may not use Power Overwhelming still (Power Overwhelming is still okay with Shadowflame). And Faceless is still okay without being able to copy Leeroy.

      The Starving Buzzard change, though: that's insane! Like I see some people arguing, "oh it still has the same text, why not just play it still?" You can't run a card simply to play it on turn 8 as a card draw engine. It's the same reason why Sprint isn't good: Sprint costs 7. Are you going to save your Starving Buzzard and your Unleash the Hounds for turn 8? That's insane!

      And you can no longer do something like a Starving Buzzard into Creeper into Webspinner into like another beast combo wombo.

      So, at the present time I cannot think of another way to make Hunter work. Miracle will switch over to Malygos version, and we'll see whether or not that's any good.

      With the death of Hunter, this actually opens up a lot of room for other decks. So I had to switch away from Priest and Warrior, because Hunters were beating me up (control Priest and control Warrior, in particular). So that's going to mean that they're a lot better now, that one of their major competition—actually two of their major competitions—have been removed, because Miracle is also a counter to control Warrior and control Priest, and Leeroy Jenkins being removed means it's a little slower.

      I think Malygos Rogue will still be beating the...will it? I think Malygos Rogue might be beating the control Warrior and the control Priest, but I'm not entirely sure.

      Handlock comes back a lot because Handlock had an abysmal matchup against Hunter and now that Hunter is "dead"—and I'm just going to say Hunter is dead, but who knows? I may be proven wrong—we've got the Handlock, so that is going to make Shaman a lot better, because Shaman beats Handlock really well (you got the Hexes for the giants, you got the Earth Shocks for the Twilight Drakes).

      So these two card changes are a really big deal: expect the metagame to shift a lot, but you knew that already because Hunters were making up over 50% of the metagame. Perhaps not 50%: somewhere between 33 and 50% from my general data.

      So yeah, big changes:

      Rest in peace Hunter,
      Prepare for the rise of the Handlock,
      Prepare for the rise of the Shaman to counter the Handlock, and
      Prepare for a lot of other decks to be viable now

      Which is good, because having a lot of viable decks is good, but I think this is too extreme, because RIP Hunter! Like, Starving Buzzard: couldn't it just cost 3?

      And that is a look at the patch that will be come into effect on September 22nd.

      I don't think I've ever seen a card get nerfed by 3 mana. That's never happened. Unprecedented! It's incredible.
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