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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

    Rev. 01
    -First update to 6.53
    -New item system implemented, so all item builds for AI heroes have been changed
    -Disabled all AI scripts pertaining to Lanaya, hopefully this should allow players to choose her without crashing the game
    -Updated AI Lycan to use new Howl ability
    -Fixed timing on AI going to lanes in -rd
    -It is now possible to pick heroes from the Fun Tavern when repicking or rechoosing
    -Test command -lvlupall can have a number after it to have all heroes level up faster (i.e. "-lvlupall 25")
    -Fixed a bug with Viscous Nasal Goo that made it unstackable when cast on AI heroes
    -Changed the way gold distribution is coded to hopefully prevent crashes
    -AI also get the same gold bonuses as human players in -em now if using -ng
    -Updated -unstuck to use the implementation in 6.52
    -Changed Eclipse implementation to that of 6.50 (no ministun)
    -Changed Wild Axes implementation to that of 6.50
    -Changed Land Mines implementation to that of 6.50 (detect floating heroes)
    -Changed AI item routine for Deathmatch
    -Fixed a small bug with Puck respawning with a slightly smaller model size after dying (heh)

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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 2

    Rev. 02
    -Changed the item consumeable code to an updated version of the original AI+ one that makes use of the new item system, which should fix the "return to fountain" bug with AI bots
    -Made Clockwerk Goblin unpickable by AI
    -Fixed Mana Void animation

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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 3

    Rev. 03
    -Fixed Invoker from breaking the game when picked
    -Redid all of Lanaya's triggers using 6.53 script, hopefully this makes her stop crashing the game (if she still does I don't know what else to try)
    -AI Sand King can now properly use Epicenter
    -Fixed Clockwerk Goblin being unable to attack his own Power Cogs
    -Fixed Rearm
    -Fixed Essence Aura
    -Fixed icons on Gambler's skills
    -AI players that die with a Bloodstone will no longer be renamed "Bloodrune"
    -Single player test command -powerup now properly spawns runes
    -Added a warning message for when the AI randoms Lanaya, N'aix, Invoker or Clockwerk
    -Removed the "undroppable on cooldown" system for items (as in 6.53)
    -Added the "$" symbol above creep kills on replays and for observers (as in 6.53)
    -Changed AI item builds for Terrorblade (Overflow_GR) and Rattletrap (Green_Sliche)
    -Updated Old Morphling's spell database to allow stealing Rattletrap's skills

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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 4

    Rev. 04
    -Changed item dropping mechanism on AI so that they no longer appear at the fountain, which will hopefully reduce the chances of AI bots not completing their builds
    -Slightly modified the AI to check gold before dropping items to prevent AI from prematurely selling them
    -Redid the script for Power Cogs
    -Redid the positioning for neutral creeps
    -Fixed test command -lvlupfor
    -Fixed Hookshot to properly detect marked units (goes through Power Cogs, dummy units)
    -Fixed overhead text tags from showing through fog of war (as in 6.52)
    -Fixed consumable count on final scoreboard for human players
    -Fixed the timing on neutrals spawning
    -Implemented -rickroll command (as in 6.53)
    -Updated Doppelwalk illusion behaviour (as in 6.53)
    -Updated Magic Missile cast animation (as in 6.53)
    -Updated Old Morphling's Spellsteal ability to steal from Fun Tavern heroes
    -Fixed Blink animation on Old Morphling and Old Stealth Assassin
    -Added Void Demon (3.0d) to Fun Tavern
    -Added Rider (5.72) to Fun Tavern
    -Removed the word "Old" in front of the old heroes' names (i.e. "Nortrom, the Old Silencer" instead of "Old Nortrom, the Old Silencer")
    -Changed AI item builds for Spectre, Tiny, Chaos Knight, Enigma, Leshrac, Morphling, Juggernaut, Treant, Weaver, Dragon Knight, and Panda

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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 5

    Rev. 05
    -Fixed Howl from crashing the game at levels 2, 3, and 4
    -Fixed consumable count on final scoreboard for AI
    -Changed the way Syllabear and Spirit Bear purchase items
    -Muted items and -pm work properly now
    -Rewrote Run Down so that debuffs don't affect the increased move speed
    -Fixed Backstab (Rider) to properly go off when the Backstab ability is learned
    -Changed AI item builds for Panda and Leshrac (again)
    -Reduced map size

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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 6

    Rev. 06
    -Implemented new AI command -aiunstuck XX, which will call the -unstuck command on AI player XX
    -Fixed a bug with Disassemble
    -Fixed a bug with undroppable shared Rings of Regeneration on AI
    -Fixed a bug with Kelen's Dagger being muted when hit

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    DotA Allstars v6.53 AIPlus 1.52 Revision 7

    Rev. 07
    -Addressed a timing issue with AI purchasing consumables
    -Changed the preloading of Invoker's resources, hopefully preventing problems with the game locking up

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    iyi gunler ya bnde bu Ai Mapların hic biri calısmıyor ne yapmam lazım acil yardım plss

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    iyi gunler ya bnde bu Ai Mapların hic biri calısmıyor ne yapmam lazım acil yardım plss

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    yani yüklüyorum oyunda görunmuyorr

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