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    Ynetici BorisPeace - ait Kullanc Resmi (Avatar)
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    6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    6.78 "sznt" deiiklikleri diye bir yaz kt ortaya. Ne kadar doru, ne kadar yanl bilemiyorum. Sadece paylamak, eve eer bu deiikler hakknda fikirlerinizi almak istedim. Daha uygun bir zamanda Trke'ye evirip biraz dzenleyebilirim.



    - Sticky Napalm can now be purged and is removed on Magic Immunity.
    - Neutral creeps do not ignore being Sticky Napalmed anymore.
    - Disallowed Batrider access to impassable areas on the map borders when using Firefly.


    - Nightmare mechanics tweaked:
    | The nightmared unit is now completely invulnerable and
    | doesn't wake up from spell damage, except from Bane's
    | own spells.
    | Bane also has the ability to wake the unit up at any
    | time through his sub-ability.
    | Other units can still transfer the debuff to
    | themselves. Any attack order from less than
    | 400 units will instantly transfer it, even from
    | non-adjacent melee units.

    - Brain Sap now heals Bane for the amount of damage it actually dealt.


    - Armor 1 arttrld.
    - Meat Hook hasar deitirildi:
    | Dedii anda 100/160/220/280 pure hasar + nitenin ekildii her 100 birim iin 10 hasar verir.

    Chaos Knight

    - Chaos Bolt tweaked: the damage is now always inversely proportional to the stun duration.
    - Reality Rift now rotates both heroes by a random angle (doesn't always guarantee a Tether stun).
    - Reality Rift now destroys trees around it.
    - Reality Rift now dodges projectiles.


    - Remade Test of Faith's nuke:
    | old: deals random 200-400 pure damage
    | new: The Holy Knight punishes the unrepentant
    | for each mortal sin they committed.
    | Deals 20/80/140/200 pure damage + bonus damage
    | depending on the number of allied units that the
    | enemy hero killed in the last 30 seconds.
    | Lane/neutral creep: +10 damage
    | Persuaded creep: +40 damage
    | Hero: +100 damage

    - Test of Faith's teleport now dodges projectiles.


    - Tweaks to Power Cogs: slightly reduced their size, increased count from 8 to 10, added animation when they are ejected from Clockwerk, now deployed in a circle shape. Behavior stays almost the same, but it is easier now to see and predict how the spell will react.
    - Hookshot now dodges projectiles.

    Crystal Maiden

    - Hareket Hz 5 ykseltildi.
    - Brillance Aura her seviyede 0.5 ykseltildi.


    - Shallow Grave artk by muafiyetine sahip dostlar zerine atlabilecek.
    - Weave yaratklar da etkileyecek.

    Drow Ranger

    - Marksmanship deitirildi:
    | "The Drow ranger has refined her archery prowess
    | along her solitary existence. Whether this is now
    | habit or shyness, she is only able to focus when
    | left alone."
    | Pasif olarak 40/60/80 Agility salar, fakat bu bonus 400 EA iinde dost bir kahraman varsa kaybolur.


    - Demonic Conversion yerdeki Divine Rapier dndaki eyalar zerinde kullanlabilir.


    - Flak Cannon Gyrocopter'n Saldr Hzn %40 drecek.
    - Temel Intelligence 3 azaltld.


    - Berserker Blood now gives bonus strength and agility in lieu of damage and attack speed.
    - Added a mini-stun on Life Break (pierces magic immunity).


    - Return mana bedeli kaldrld.
    - X Marks the Spot's now dodges projectiles.


    - Skewer is interrupted if Magnus gets disabled.
    - Empower dolum sresi 12'den 20'ye ykseltildi.


    [Partial remake, emphasis on making him truer to his morphling theme, and sort of a unique anti-carry]

    - Stats reworked:
    | BAT nerfed from 1.7 to 1.8
    | Strength changed to 20+2
    | Agility changed to 20+2
    | Intelligence changed to 20+2

    - Morph reworked:
    | Rate increased from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5 per second.
    | Shifting stats keeps Morphling's hp proportional.
    | Manacost removed.

    - Replicate reworked:
    | Morphling assumes the shape of another unit. Can be any
    | hero or creep. Morphling assumes every particularity of
    | the unit: damage, range, movespeed, animations, stats,
    | etc. He retains his own items and his own spells (he
    | can Morph his new stats if he replicated a hero).

    Nature's Prophet

    - Agility art 1.9'dan 1.4'e drld.
    - Treants gold bounty increased from 12-16 to 22-26. Experience increased from 20 to 30.


    - Fiery Soul max stacks increased to 4.
    - Aghanim's Scepter upgrade tweaked:
    | Artk hasar ya da menzili ykseltmiyor.
    | Hasar tipi Pure olarak deitirildi..

    | (note: this effectively gives the same damage
    | increase as before against targets with 25% magic
    | resistance)


    - Infest AoE damage now only occurs when consuming a creep (allied or enemy).
    - Rage can be purged.


    - Mana Drain can now increase Lion's mana beyond his max pool, in similar fashion to Soul Ring. Lasts a maximum of 15 seconds.
    - Mana Drain can be cast on allies to transfer mana.
    - New Aghanim's Scepter upgrade:
    | If Finger of Death deals the killing blow, the unit is
    | successfully turned inside out in a gory explosion,
    | dealing mixed damage equivalent to 25% of the target's
    | max hp in a 700 aoe.

    Lone Druid

    - Spirit Bear tweaked:
    | Spirit Bear's hp rescaled from 1400/1800/2300/2700 to
    | 1000/1600/2200/2800.
    | The death of the Spirit Bear now inflicts damage to the
    | Lone Druid equivalent to 20% of his own max hp instead
    | of fixed damage.
    | Spirit Bear's mana pool changed from 0 to 0/0/150/300.
    | Entangle changed to an active ability. 14 seconds
    | cooldown, 150 manacost.

    - Spirit Bear now uses the hero version of Armlet of Mordiggian (receives correct damage and attack speed bonuses, health is drained).

    Ogre Magi

    - Multicast artk (baz) eyalarda da alacak!

    Phantom Assassin

    - Phantom Strike now dodges projectiles.


    - Strength art 1.2'den 1.7'ye ykseltildi.
    - Armor 3 ykseltildi.
    - Decrepify artk dost Healing Ward, Frozen Sigil, Tombstone, Psionic Trap ve Homing Missile zerinde kullanlabilecek.


    - Strength gain increased from 1.7 to 2.4
    - Reworked how Unstable Current's purge works:
    | The purge is only activated once, when an enemy hero
    | damages Razor through a spell or an attack, or when
    | Razor damages an enemy hero through a spell or attack.
    | The purge is ready after a 24/18/12/6 seconds cooldown
    | or after Razor travels 1800/1400/1000/600 units.

    - Eye of the Storm is now passive (can be toggled off).


    - Smoke Screen now slows turning speed by 50% (doesn't stack with Sticky Napalm).
    - Blink Strike now dodges projectiles


    - Sprint can now be stopped prematurely by pressing the key again (after a minimum duration of 1 second).


    - Reality can now be cast on any illusion of Spectre.
    - Reality cooldown from 10 to 3.
    - Using Reality now dodges projectiles.
    - Dispersion reworked with a new active part:
    | Passive: Reflects 8/12/16/20% of damage.
    | Active: When cast, damage inflicted to Spectre is
    | silently stored for a short duration. When the duration
    | ends, 50% of the total damage count is dispersed around
    | Spectre while Spectre is healed for the other 50%.
    | Lasts 4 seconds, 30 seconds cooldown, no manacost.
    | (note: using the active doesn't disable the
    | passive part. It is indistinguishable for
    | enemies.)

    Spirit Breaker

    - Nether Strike now always hits in a AoE (previously Aghanim's Scepter only).
    - Aghanim's Scepter cooldown reduction from 20 seconds to 14.

    Tauren Chieftain (Elder Titan)

    - Earth Splitter AoE gets slightly wider with additional levels.

    Timbersaw (Goblin Shredder)

    - Reactive Armor also grants 1% magic resistance per stack.
    - Timber Chain now dodges projectiles.
    - Timber Chain no longer destroys the tree it targeted.


    - Toss prioritizes the closest unit around Tiny instead of a random one.
    - Being tossed now dodges projectiles.

    Treant Protector

    - Nature's Guise doesn't get dispelled if the unit becomes visible. The unit can re-cloak as many times as the duration allows.
    - Living Armor mana cost increased from 25 to 40.


    - Snowball's minimum speed increased from 200 to 400 (only relevant when Tusk is slowed).


    - Revenants tweaked:
    | Hitpoints increased from 300/450/600 to 500/600/700.
    | Armor decreased from 0/1/2 to 0.
    | Magic resistance decreased from 96.25% to 30%.
    | Movespeed decreased from 380/390/400 to 370.
    | Gravekeeper's Cloak now also applies to Revenants.
    | Grave Chill now also applies to Revenants.

    - Soul Assumption now also considers damage dealt by enemy heroes to Revenants.

    Vengeful Spirit

    - Nether Swap menzili 600/900/1200'den 700/950/1200'e ykseltildi.

    Witch Doctor

    - Reverted the 1.5 second stun on the first Paralyzing Cask bounce.
    - Voodoo Restoration initial manacost rescaled from 25/50/75/100 to 40.
    - Death Ward cast range rescaled from 300/350/400 to 400.


    Armlet of Mordiggian

    - Cooldown now applies between deactivation and reactivation.
    - Cooldown reduced to 1 second.


    - Dolum Sresi 22'den 15'e drld.

    Diffusal Blade

    - Mana burned is now equal to 0.6 (0.8 for level 2) times the wielder's agility.
    - Feedback doesn't work anymore on melee illusions.

    Eul's Scepter of Divinity

    - Can be cast on any non-magic immune unit owned by the bearer.
    - Cycloning one's own unit or hero grants flying vision.

    Eye of Skadi

    - Saldr Hz yavalatmas %20'den %50'ye yksetildi.

    Janggo of Endurance:

    - Attribute bonus decreased from 9 to 8.
    - Can now use Null Talisman or Wraith Band instead of Bracer.

    Quelling Blade

    - Menzili 350'ye ykseltildi.
    - Observer ve Sentry Wardlar zerinde kullanlabilir.


    - Maim doesn't slow attack speed anymore.
    - Maim has an additional effect: Reduces heals by 40% (Greater Maim: 50%) for the maimed unit. This includes every healing ability, regeneration and lifesteal.

    Smoke of Deceit

    - New alternative ability: Can be used to obfuscate one of your item slots. The enemy team will see a special icon instead of the item contained in the slot of your choice.

    This consumes the Smoke of Deceit. Only hides the item icon, not its bonuses. The effect lasts 60 seconds, and can be used on an empty slot.

    | In DotA: type "-smoke #slotnumber".
    | In DOTA2: right-click on smoke to choose slot.

    Tango of Essification

    - Eer yerde 20 saniye boyunca kalrsa, bir aa yaratr. (yaratklarn hareketlerini engelleyemez)
    Konu BorisPeace tarafndan (24/05/2013 Saat 00:27 ) deitirilmitir.

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    ye Sercan<Michaell> - ait Kullanc Resmi (Avatar)
    yelik Tarihi

    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Pl ye nerf gelmemi dier herolara buff gelmi bu nas patch

    ps: teknik olarak gelmi saylmyor tabii ki gelirse diye eettim.

    Dotada hep yle bir hayalim vardr. Damageler azalabildii kadar azalsa ve combatlar daha uzun srse. Byle olursa kaan adamn kuleye varma ans daha ok olaca iin kule sisteminde de bi dzenleme lazm ki hayal.
    Konu Sercan<Michaell> tarafndan (23/05/2013 Saat 09:42 ) deitirilmitir.

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    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Tango of Essification

    - If left on the ground for 20 seconds, will spawn a tree. (cannot block creeps movement)
    ok ilgin ya
    ayrca iallah lone druid byle olmaz en sevdiim herolardan birini bu hale getirmesinler
    ok anslym ou zaman pandamn ya ilk ya da 2. vuruunda entangle tuttururum byle olursa pek ho olmaz benim iin.
    tek gzellii artk pandann stndeki mjollnirin aktif zelliini kullanabilecek olmam.
    Konu MickThomson tarafndan (23/05/2013 Saat 10:24 ) deitirilmitir.

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    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    lone druide armlet kasamyor olabilirsin ama lvl5te banko kill alcan lvl7 de ezecek zaten. bence sama olmu 2 kere entangle atsa lvl7 de zaten herkes lebilecek durumdadr o dakikalarda

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    Ynetici BorisPeace - ait Kullanc Resmi (Avatar)
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    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Alnt Alnt: Michaell Mesaj gster
    Pl ye nerf gelmemi dier herolara buff gelmi bu nas patch

    ps: teknik olarak gelmi saylmyor tabii ki gelirse diye eettim.
    Diffusal Blade

    - Feedback doesn't work anymore on melee illusions.
    Konu BorisPeace tarafndan (23/05/2013 Saat 11:29 ) deitirilmitir.

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    ye Sercan<Michaell> - ait Kullanc Resmi (Avatar)
    yelik Tarihi

    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Alnt Alnt: BorisPeace Mesaj gster
    Diffusal Blade

    - Feedback doesn't work anymore on melee illusions.
    Ohaa diffin btn olay yalan olmu o zaman. Bu ne kadar gereksiz bi nerf byle. Plyi nerflemek iin yapmamlar bunu komple ilizyoncular nerflemiler. Spectir nagadr yazk olmu. Pl zaten mana burn ile ezmiyor ki ilizyonlarn hayvan gibi oalmas ve damagesiyle eziyor.

    Ayrca lone druiddeki olay da hi houma gitmedi.

    Ne biim patch yapyorsun Boris yaktm sana hi bunlar Seni alntlaynca sana sylyormu gibi oldu sitemim kurbaga reyizedir alnma
    Konu Sercan<Michaell> tarafndan (23/05/2013 Saat 12:03 ) deitirilmitir.

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    ye ViktorReznov - ait Kullanc Resmi (Avatar)
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    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Hmm ok ilgin ama mantkl eyler var. Radikal ok az ey grdm.
    "My name is Viktor REZNOV, and I will have my REVENGE!!"

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    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    4.2 : deiiklik yok mission complete go go pl

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    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Doruysa berbat bir gncelleme tek houma giden drumun heroya gre kaslabilmesi olmu

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    ye Sercan<Michaell> - ait Kullanc Resmi (Avatar)
    yelik Tarihi

    Cevap: 6.78 "sznt" harita deiiklikleri

    Eye of Skadi

    - Saldr Hz yavalatmas %20'den %50'ye yksetildi.

    Bu ne abi bu ne yuh artk. Skadi kasana ylan bile dokunmaz ..7

    Bu patchin geleceini hi sanmyorum. Developerlar ldrm olmal.
    Konu Sercan<Michaell> tarafndan (23/05/2013 Saat 13:53 ) deitirilmitir.

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